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Every string and key in pitch perfect harmony

Pianos are incredible instruments that rely on a special combination of string and key combination always being in harmony to produce a combination of delicate, complex, and enthralling sounds. A piano has 230 strings and 88 keys, so there's a lot that can go wrong if maintenance isn't thorough and high-quality.


Whatever your level of playing, you should still look at having your piano tuned at least twice a year. Everything from sunlight to humidity and temperature change can have a surprising effect on how much the music is affected. A well-tuned piano will keep that beautiful music coming in on key.


Our professionals know pianos and know piano music. They will get you the sound you've been looking for!

- Avoid direct sunlight on the piano

- Put the piano near an inside wall if possible

- Avoid extra hot or extra drafty areas

- Focus on moderate temperatures in the area your

  piano is sitting

When it comes to tuning your piano, you don't have to wait between check-ups to keep your instrument in fine playable shape!

Amazing benefits to tuning


Piano tuning for the perfect pitch!

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